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Toni Carroll

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Toni met her husband 20 years ago while dancing, and together they fell in love with West Coast Swing. A few years later, the president of her local swing club asked Toni to DJ and, with his mentoring, she fell in love with playing music. Today, she DJs for two local West Coast Swing clubs in Columbus, Ohio, and plays for numerous events, including competitive events in the Midwest.

“My goal as a DJ is to play music for all dancers,” she says.

“There is such a wide variety of musical tastes and I want to make sure everyone is enjoying themselves, whether it is in a social setting or competitive setting.” Toni is a member of the Global Swing DJ’s, All Swing Dj’s and World Swing Dj’s.




Katie Fallon


KatieFallonKatie Fallon (OH) is a West Coast Swing and Hustle DJ from Ohio who loves sharing her passion of music. In 2011 she was introduced and trained by a fellow DJ and started DJing for local dances and events around the Midwest. As time passes, Katie continues to inspire people at dances and national events around the United States and internationally. Her goal is to work hard on providing the best experience through social and competition music alike. 




Michael Stern, New Castle, PA

michael stern

Michael Stern grew up in the south hills of Pittsburgh.  He spent 3 years in Texas for graduate school where he was introduced to country 2 step.  He returned to western Pennsylvania in 1981, married Lisa and raised 2 sons.  In 2007, Lisa signed us up for formal dance lessons and so it started.  Within a couple of years, Michael was president of a West Coast and Hustle dance club, YDance.  Michael started to DJ in Youngstown.   He also fills in for Cash Club in Cleveland and PGHWCS in Pittsburgh. Over the years Michael arranged and continues to host West Coast/ Hustle dances as well as ballroom dances in Youngstown.



Jerry Kovach, Pittsburgh, PA

jerryDuring a fateful trip to North Myrtle Beach in 1995, Jerry fell in love with Beach Music and the Carolina Shag. He came home and founded the Steel City Boogie Club and has been studying and teaching the Shag ever since.

Jerry is a professional Dee Jay (14 years) and host’s “Fountain Room Fridays” at a local Elks Club every week. Open to the public, he plays great blues, R&B, oldies, beach, ballads and more...great music for all types of swing...east & west coast...shag, jitterbug, and cha cha.

Jerry was the creator and director of BOOGIE IN THE BURGH for 15 years. He also plays at other regular dance venues and for private parties throughout the Pittsburgh area.


Fred Testa

FredTestaFred Testa is a DJ for the Columbus Swing Dance Club and is a member of the National Association of Rhythm & Blues DJs. 

Fred has been dancing for about 24 years.  He started with Fred Astaire and an independent dance studio where he developed a passion for rhythm dance.  That passion led Fred to the hustle and west coast swing dance. 

Fred began teaching 17 years ago and has competed as an amatuer with his partner for several years, placing 1st & 2nd in hustle and west coast swing.

Fred is a swing dance dj for local clubs and out of town events.

Fred loves dancing, teaching and dj'ing to great music. 



Ron Reese

ron dj 3Ron Reese began playing music as a hobby in high school, playing music for parties and social events. Ron continued his hobby of playing music and developing DJ sound systems to adulthood. Ron has danced all of his life from Freestyle to Disco to Swing dancing. Ron joined his local swing/bop club in 1999 and started playing music for swing dancers in 2001 in Columbus, Ohio.

In 2002, Ron was asked by his local swing dance club to be the music director. As Music Director, Ron scheduled the club DJ’s, maintained the sound equipment, obtained music for the club and surveyed the members to ensure that the music played by the DJ’s was what the membership wanted.

In 2003, Ron founded the Columbus Swing Dance Club and has been the featured DJ at all the clubs events including the club’s annual dance Jammin In July. Jammin In July attracts approximately 400 dancers from all around the USA that includes: West Coast Swing Dancers, East Coast Swing Dancers, Bop Dancers, and Ballroom Dancers.

Ron has been one of the featured DJ’s for several national swing events: Indy Swing Bash, Summer Swing Chaos, Atlanta Swing Classics, Jammin In July, and Sweet Home Chicago Dance. Ron has played music for the Columbus Singles Dance Inc., private swing dance parties, local fund raisers, weddings and local corporate dance parties.

Ron enjoys the challenge of playing music for Swing Dancers and the challenge of determining the correct music to play for the various different groups of dancers. Ron knows that each dance group is a different challenge.

Ron is proud to be one of the DJ’s for this year’s Swing Pittsburgh event.


 DJ George, Pittsburgh, PA

DJGeorgeDJ George of Pittsburgh has been playing music to the public for over 40 years at dances, on radio shows, for public gatherings and at private events such as weddings and reunions.  DJ George is a regular member of the Association of Beach and Shag Club DJs and founded and runs the DJ Association of Western Pennsylvania, a premier local wedding DJ organization.

His first on-air radio experience dates back to the early 70s, over the last ten years he has hosted a 50s and 60s Doo Wop, R&B and Beach show on several Pittsburgh AM and FM stations.    DJ George also has a weekly Sunday night dance and has been playing for the Pittsburgh Area Jitterbug Club since their inception. He also plays for a singles dance monthly and when his busy schedule allows, at various night clubs and lounges.

DJ George's unique diversity entails all formats and genres of music and dance styles truly earning his business name: the Ultimate Jukebox.




 DJ Bugger, Pittsburgh, PA


DJBuggerDJ Bugger of Pittsburgh


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